Jessi   JESSI - The resident artist. Dorky, creative, and loves Matt more than cheese. Enjoys playing video games, eating Girl Scout Cookies, and telling font jokes. Known to be a bit mischevious.  
  Matt   MATT - Intelligent, witty, and diabolical. Revels in being snarky, but will occasionally slip into goofiness. Loves to read, play tabletop RPGs, and teases Jessi when he can get away with it.  
  Barry   BARRY - Based on annoying tendencies from assorted fandoms, Barry is Jessi and Matt's roomie-turned-next-door-neighbor. Obsessed with Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII. Well-meaning with the intelligence of a brick, Barry often lets his enthusiasm override his common sense.  
  Maggie   MAGGIE - Jessi's younger sister, who has big aspriations. She is a closet-geek glamazon who wants to make it big in showbusiness. Extremely loud. Collects things with piggies on them.  
  Madison   MADISON - More than just a mandatory furry mascot. She loves naps, cat toys, and lots of treats. Uses cunning plans to secure even more treats and affection, but is occasionally foiled by the stupidity of either her owners or Barry.  
  Mike   MIKE - The very definition of a mad scientist. Boisterous, twitchy, and fierce. Often mistaken for Gordon Freeman from Half-Life. The taller of the two Mikes in the comic. Friend of Jessi and Matt - married to Ashley.  
  Ashley   ASHLEY - Don't be fooled by her quietness - she is a brilliant schemer with a surprising sense of humor. Outspoken and extremely observant. Friend of Jessi and Matt - married to Mike.  

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